Shadows & Light, January 14th 6-8 PM


January 14th, 6-8PM

Discover your Inner Light in an illuminating journey with sound and tantric practices.

Join Kenny and Ali for a facilitated journey of consciousness from darkness to light. You will be introduced through the use of sound, yoga postures, breath work and reiki energy healing into a direct experience of taking your physical, mental, psychic and subtle bodies into a state of awareness during every stage from darkness to light.

When we allow ourselves to be in the experience of these lower frequencies all the way through the higher frequencies we are cultivating the memory of comfort through all the inevitable stages that life’s journey takes us.

Come prepared with a yoga mat, a journal and something to keep you comfortable when you lay to receive.

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Join us for a night of sound, yoga, breathwork, and reiki practice with with Kenny Kolter and Ali Nohinek at Llamaste Yoga and Healing.

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Cost to attend Shadows & Light is $45 per individual.


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