45A Cleansing Journey: Tantric Yoga & Sound Bath

Join this dynamic duo at one of Fort Worth’s newest healing centers for a special evening of purification and clearing.

Experience the rejuvenating power of Ayurvedic cleansing with Ali and Kenny Kolter. As Spring brings forth the qualities of kapha, earth, and water, it also ushers in a host of symptoms like allergies, lethargy, and depression. Ali, back from Costa Rica, is eager to bring the magic of this DUO with Kenny back to Texas.

Join us as Ali initiates the event with cleansing pranayama and kundalini tantra kriyas, preparing your body and mind for a slow cleansing tantric hatha flow.  This gentle yet powerful practice not only clears physical discomfort and heaviness but also purifies the body and clears the energy channels.

After yoga, you will lay down for a continued purification with the sounds of Kenny’s sound bath.  Immerse yourself in the enchanting sounds of Kenny’s drum and gong during the sound bath, allowing their resonating vibrations to lead you into profound clarity, clearing and inner stillness.

Space is Limited. Reserve yours now for a journey of renewal and purification.

What to Bring: Yoga Mat, Any blankets or pillows or bolster to be comfortable during the sound bath portion.

Enjoy the cozy atmosphere of this space on a few acres of land, You are encouraged to come early to explore the land.

Price: $40 Early Bird if you register before the end of the day May 13th $50 after May 13th.

Address: The Land

1700 Menzer Ct. Fort Worth, TX 76103

Reserve with Ali Nohinek’s Venmo @Ali-Nohinek

Join Ali Nohinek, who is in town from Costa Rica, for an evening of discovery and awareness. This evening is an invitation to discover your own inner power through the practice of kundalini tantra kriyas followed by a breathwork journey. Ali will guide you through a variety of kundalini tantra kriyas that are designed to bring profound awareness into the shushumna nadi, the central channel.
These kriyas or sets of exercises are more energetic than physical and are open to all bodies and levels of experience.

It is recommended to have some previous experience with breathwork, not necessarily a breathwork journey.

Register by Payment through Venmo @Ali-Nohinek.


Please register in advance to save your spot!

Location: Keller Yoga 

Please bring whatever you want to be comfortable. Blankets and bolsters and mats can be provided but we suggest if you have a favorite blanket or pillow, to bring it. Bring a journal and water and optionally chapstick as the breathwork can make your lips or mouth dry.