Thai Massage

Give your body the care it deserves.

Give your body the love and care it deserves and it will respond with health and vitality.

What is Thai Bodywork?

The Thai body work that I do is rooted in Thai medical theory. For this reason, I want to inform you about what to expect and how to prepare in order to get the MOST out of this incredibly powerful body work.

Thai body work is designed to provide deep and long lasting relief to a variety of symptoms ranging from: pain, lack of range of motion, anxiety, depression, physical and emotional stress, physical or emotional trauma, back pain, knee pain, inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, and the list is endless.

Each treatment is specific to the individuals needs. Thai methodology can range from compression techniques, rocking, acupressure, kneading, range of motion, stretching, cupping, scraping and the use of herbal compresses.

A Thai treatment can be nourishing or depleting depending on what is needed in each individual.

I request that you not have alcohol the day of the treatment. Wear loose, breathable clothes and to bring a scarf in case we do scraping on your neck.

Park and enter through the back. I open doors no more than 5 minutes prior to the start of our visit. Come clean and wearing loose, breathable clothes(pants and a t-shirt with sleeves(short or long). Wear dark clothes as the Thai herbal compresses might stain and I also might use oil on the skin at certain times. So, wear something that you won’t mind getting stained.


Reiki is a Japanese technique of universal energy healing that helps relieve stress and promotes relaxation. Reiki knows no time or space and is similar in the way many practice “laying of hands” to bring healing to another.  Reiki provides love and compassion to the receiver. As a practitioner it is my intention to simply be a hollow bone, a vessel for Divine energy to flow so you may experience the inner healer within yourself.

Shamanic Practices

I have been trained to enter shamanic states of consciousness utilizing the rhythm of the drum. This method allows me to enter into a shamanic state of consciousness wherein I can then be the channel for divinatory work such as: seeking answers to questions and cutting cords of attachments. I find great luck doing these virtually or in person. 

Read more about asking questions in divinatory work.

Stay away from ‘When’ questions, for instance instead of: “When am I getting married?” try asking “Should I propose with the ethically sourced diamond or my beloved’s favorite crystal?”. This can help your reading be more indepth and meaningful.

The fundamental assumption in a divination reading is that something about life sucks, and you want to know why, and you want to make it suck less if possible.

A good divination question is one that asks:

What is really happening right now?

Why it is happening?

What can I can do to make it better?

Construct your questions that way, and you’ll be shocked how long your to-do list gets.

During a shamanic dinvination or cord-cuting session, I request that you please limit to no more than 7 questions and to not have alcohol the day of the treatment.

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