Womb Healing Sessions

Our wombs are not just physical entities; they are reservoirs of emotional and spiritual energy. As womben, our wombs collect stories, memories, and impressions that shape our lives. These imprints can come from both conscious and unconscious traumas, experiences, and past narratives.

Why Womb Healing Sessions?

Shakti Healing Sessions are specifically curated to acknowledge and address the unique needs of each woman. Rooted in ancient wisdom and blended with modern understanding, these sessions are more than just a healing process—they are a journey into the deepest layers of one’s self.

What Do Womb Healing Sessions Involve?

Yoni Steaming

A therapeutic practice that uses the warmth and power of herbs to reconnect and rejuvenate the womb area.

Womb Affirmations

Words of empowerment and affirmation that resonate with the womb’s energies, aiding in healing and self-acceptance.

Shamanic Drumming

An ancient rhythm that calls to the soul, guiding it towards harmony and balance.

Subtle Body Touch

A gentle touch therapy that aims to liberate the subtle body, creating a harmonious flow of energy that celebrates our innate sensuality.

The culmination of these practices results in an ignition—a heartfelt invitation into our raw, erotic, and sensual selves. It’s about recognizing and embracing the wild energy that resides within, dancing freely with our sensuality.

Womb Awakening & Its Significance

Recent studies have indicated that traumas, even those not explicitly remembered, can be stored in our body tissues. The womb, being an integral part of our body and spirit, can carry these memories. Through the process of ‘Womb Awakening,’ womben can access, address, and heal these deep-seated energies.

Embracing Womb Healing Sessions means taking a conscious step towards holistic health, acknowledging the power of the womb, and cherishing our innate femininity.