Radiant Sun Foundation 

Our mission at Radiant Sun Foundation is to bring people back to nature. The oldest form of medicine in the world is called Ayurveda, also known as the Science of Life. It is the sister science of Yoga. The aim of both of these two sciences is to bring people back to nature and themselves. 

Nature teaches us everything we need to know about ourselves and how to live in harmony in our bodies and minds.

If we take a moment to slow down and look, we will observe natures rhythms, and in turn get to know our own.

When we slow down, we are able to down regulate the nervous system and come back into a relaxed mode of being. It is only from this state of harmony that true healing can happen. 

We are living in unprecedented times, where hospitals are overflowing with patients and many diseases have simply become an anomaly. We are here to help. 

Auto-immune diseases, inflammatory conditions and mental disorders are on the rise. If we understand one thing in traditional medicine, it is how to bring people back into alignment. How to get to the root cause of disease and how to empower individuals to take full responsibility for their health, happiness and fulfillment. 

We had been a part of the DFW community as Radiant Sun Academy LLC for 9 years, helping people through Ayurveda, yoga, yogic psychology, and traditional thai medicine. However, what we realized is that we were bound by the 1200 square feet of brick that surrounded us. 

In order to help people at a deeper and larger scale, we want to offer people a complete treatment/healing experience in order to come back into alignment. 

We realized what we need is to create something bigger than ourselves, A HEALING SANCTUARY


Imagine hundreds of acres of pristine, unadulterated land.

Healthy soil is becoming a scarcity to the point where the majority of farms have used so much round up and chemicals on their crops that farmers have to add nutrients simply for their soil to be able to grow anything.

  • The answer is in coming back to traditional farming, i.e., sustainable agriculture techniques, where the earth is considered as a partner and we are stewards responsible for maintaining the earth first over production.  We plan to have a completely sustainable farm that provides food for our patients, our retreat participants, for our community, for ourselves, and for the community nearby. 
    • Modern building materials are over manufactured to high degree and the compromise is that we use unsustainable methods to harvest lumbar and even toxic methods of treating the lumbar. There are also a dangerous amount of adhesives and toxic chemicals in modern building materials as production and speed are valued over quality, health and longevity. 
      • The answer is in biotecture, a new form of architecture that practices symbiosis with nature. This form of architecture is becoming more popular all over the world. From gorgeous bamboo homes, to cob, to adobe, to 3d printing homes made completely of mother earth. We are living in exciting times where there are so many innovations that are bridging the gap between the indigenous way of building with new technology. 
        • Our plan at Radiant Sun Foundation is to build homes made of what is appropriate for the environment that we land in. 
          • Animals being used as therapy is on the rise as so many people are benefiting from the incredibly grounding affects of being amongst the animals. From those struggling with PTSD, to those in wheelchairs, and people with autism, therapists have been utilizing animals as therapy successfully for thousands of years 

          At Radiant Sun Foundation we plan to offer animal and nature therapy to individuals and families that need an outlet for grounding and support.

          Modern living along with the onset of the pandemic has made us more nuclear than ever. Families are becoming increasingly reliant on screens to support their families. We are here to give families an outlet to truly connect with their children and one another instead of escaping.

          Addictions have increased since the pandemic, our goal at Radiant Sun Academy is Addiction and Recovery Support.

          “But ask the animals, and they will teach you,

              or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you;

          or speak to the earth, and it will teach you,

              or let the fish in the sea inform you.

          Which of all these does not know

              that the hand of the Lord has done this?

          In his hand is the life of every creature

              and the breath of all mankind.”

          — Job 12:7-10


          Ali Nohinek

          Everything changed for me when I threw 60 pairs of high heels in the closet of my old room at home, I ditched the trophy wife life, and I decided to move to start a small one woman project teaching English in a very small indigenous mountain community in the Sierra Norte Mountains.

          I lived in Cuajimoloyas for 3 months. I taught everyone and anyone in that 800 person community who wanted to learn English. 

          The experience living amongst people who live in harmony with nature, was that when you slow down and listen you see a completely different reality. Everything is different.

          I had never known this reality before. The experience was enlightening. 

          The main message that I left there with was that to live in harmony, we must be like the snail. We must not always go the straight path, sometimes the curved path is the path that will lead us to more fulfillment, more meaning and ultimately that will give us peace. 

          James Nohinek

          At eleven years old I began my long love for martial arts and my meditation practice began. I have been, since then, steeped in learning the arts of civilizations, long past, that had an uncanny ability to master the human experience. 

          All of these years later, here I am, as a father, child whisperer, Ayurvedic Practitioner, researcher and teacher. I am devoted to elevating the consciousness of humanity back to a heart consciousness. When we are in our hearts, we are healing. When we are in our minds, we are simply avoiding pain or chasing pleasure.

          Ultimate healing is a very psychological and spiritual process. We are ready to up the anti in health care and be partners, synergists with the system as it is, so that we can elevate society.