According to Ayurveda, shrimp, like all foods is understood by looking at the qualities of the food. Shrimp is sweet, salty, dense, and watery. For this reason it has nourishing and warming qualities. Unlike most food that is nourishing, shrimp is easy to digest.

Benefits of Shrimp

    • Nourishing
    • Warming
    • Great for the winter season (dosa)
    • Normalizes circulation
    • Relaxing (Kapha +)
    • Calming to the mind
    • Low in calories and high in protein
    • High in omega 3 fatty acids which help to normalize healthy brain function.
    • SHRIMP boosts HDL cholesterol
    • High in selenium which is good for heart health
    • High in iodine which is good for thyroid health. A healthy thyroid helps metabolism
    • Medium high in iron and other brain foods like phosphorous
    • High in antioxidants


What about cholesterol?

New research debunks the myth about black balling high cholesterol. Only about 25 percent of the population is sensitive to dietary cholesterol. The other 75 percent can actually benefit their cholesterol by eating shrimp due to shrimp’s ability to boost HDL cholesterol.

How can I ensure that my shrimp has great quality?

The shell should be FIRM and translucent
The shell should be free of black/grey spots or edges (Some preservatives can prevent the black spots or edges that can trick you into thinking they are fresh- so make sure they are firm)
Have no ammonia or strong fishy smell. Fish smell= rancid. You only want a mild smell of ocean
Cooked shrimp should be firm in texture and should be red or pink in color.
Keep in mind that shrimp spoils quickly
Cook raw shrimp the same day you buy it
Make sure to de-vein(de-poop) before you eat the shrimp


1. Caramelize onions. Spice according to your taste and dosha. (To know your dosha, book a consult with James)

2. Meanwhile, cook shrimp in the shell in some ghee (to taste) and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Cook until

3. Chop up fresh dark leafy greens

4. Serve over orzo, rice or noodles.

Cooking tips:

Only put a few in the frying pan and start sautéing them.

Don’t overcook or they become too hard and tough

When they are no longer translucent, they are ready.

Put the fluid that comes out of the shrimp back on the shrimp as a sauce as there is so much flavor and nutrients there!


Shrimp in moderation can be good for all three doshas. It is especially great for the vata dosha. It is even okay for kapha, in moderation, due to its energizing effects and that it is high in protein, while also simultaneously being easy to digest. Shrimp can be overheating to the pitta dosha, or those that tend to over-heat.