Dear Water,

Growing up, the lake was more than just a body of water to me. For almost 38 years, I sourced my drinking water from Lake Arlington. The lake held stories of my youth, memories of sunny days, and the reflections of countless sunsets.

I remember one distinct day, sitting in solitude, my drum beside me and the air heavy with the scent of smudge. I prayed, apologized, and was moved to tears by the pollution and neglect I witnessed. Kayaking through the little tributaries, my heart ached seeing them filled with trash. The pain became even more palpable when my friend Amy and I had to rescue a turtle ensnared in litter.

I did everything in my limited capacity to stand up for the sanctity of this water. Petitions were signed, voices were raised in opposition to the idea of drilling toxic waste wells near this precious resource. But sometimes, the scales tip in favor of profit and against nature’s well-being. It was disheartening.

Yearning for a pure connection, I moved closer to a water body that pulsed with life. The river that now blesses me with its water is the same one I bathe in, do ceremonies beside, and baptize our community members in. It’s a sacred bond, a relationship of respect and gratitude.

Water, to me, is an embodiment of life’s essence. It’s not just about quenching thirst but connecting to the very soul of our planet. Every drop we consume has traveled the world, connected continents, and nurtured life in its myriad forms.

This bond with water is transformative. When we spend time in nature, really immerse ourselves in it, we start recognizing its moods and subtleties. The ripples of a stream, the gentle lapping of waves, or even the rhythmic pattern of rainfall—each has a story to tell, a message to convey.

To all who read this, remember, our relationship with water is symbiotic. Just as it sustains us, we need to protect and cherish it in return. To water, I say:

“I see you, I feel you, and I pledge to protect you. Thank you for your ceaseless flow of life and the joy you bring into our worlds.”

🌊🌿💧 #WaterIsLife #CherishEveryDrop #NatureBonding #WaterConservation