What is stuck and why should we release it?

Our tissue does not just hold physical tension, our tissue holds emotion. Think about every moment you have cringed when you experienced something that was less than desirable. Every impression of tension that passed through the nervous system can become stored in the tissue. When the memory is replayed, it creates habits, modes of being and impressions, which we call Samskaras, in the Vedic tradition. Some of these can lie deeper than others.

Impressions from experiences, memories and habits can create stuck energy in your bodies. These can even be passed down from generation to generation. Do you ever wonder why you hold tension in your face the same as a parent? How about your shoulders? Look familiar?


We can release this stuck energy in a positive way. This opens us up for personal healing, as well as gives us the power to heal ourselves of trauma: past and future.

The relationship we have with ourselves is shifted when we can let go of stuck energy and emotions. For so long we have been told: “Swallow it,” “don’t feel pain.” We go to the doctor to mask any and everything we FEEL!

Your bodies, spirit, and soul are speaking to you through these hurts, traumas and pain.

You can be free!

You deserve that more than anything.


There are many old stories we have been told by others about ourselves in which we ultimately begin to identify. This starts from the moment we are born.

You know old Johnny, he’s just so good at XYZ.

They are all just “stories” but those “stories” and scars run deep (hello samskaras!)

The nice thing is, we have a choice. We don’t have to hold onto all that pent up energy and stress that is begging to be let out. We have the power to write our own destiny. I suppose, we can spend half our lives creating and hearing the narrative about who we are or who we are supposed to be, then the rest of life unlearning and dismantling those concepts.


Do you know the power of your own voice and mind? It’s not a finger snap and it’s gone. It is a daily practice to re-write and re-wire those engrained grooved loops in your brain. We have many tools available to help us in this journey.

Our breath, attention, movement, prayer, meditations, positive affirmations, conscious awareness, journaling, daily practices or rituals. Really, the list is endless.

When we habitually suppress or avoid our emotions we tend to stay in our “fight or flight” response in our nervous system.

  • Rapid breathing is an effective and beneficial way to remove stuck and stagnant energy and release emotions trapped in the body.
  • Dancing and shaking are as well. Shake like your whole body is on vibrate. Dance like you were a kid without a care in the world again!

Then, you can come see us at Radiant Sun, we can help you with those breathing techniques. You don’t have to hold it. Whatever “it” is.

Allow yourself freedom to shed, cry, even ugly cry, scream, tantrum out, shake, dance BREATH, RELEASE, MOVE, let go, soften in areas you didn’t even know were stuck and bound.

Freedom physically, energetically, mentally. When we release the stuck, we release ourselves. Movement is medicine. Our breath is medicine. Release the stuck. You are more than the emotions. You are more than all the things that try to define you. You deserve freedom.